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I'm Christine Wibberley and I am passionate about family research and helping people get to know their ancestors. I provide the professional expertise, experience and attention to detail needed to serve most Genealogy and Family History requests.


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My site also tells you about my Genealogical and Family History  Research Services covering broad UK and  and specialised local research in Archives in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.


Wherever you may be in the world if you have British ancestry and are interested in finding out more about it then I can help.

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To contact me about research, or anything else, go to Contact Me,  e mail me at traceyourancestry2@christinewibberley.co.uk or telephone  07896611773 (closed at weekends)

In these pages you'll find some reports and an example of a Family Tree. The tree's rather plain  because I'm a genealogist, not an artist, in fact my artistic abilities are about nil. If you would like something a little more artistic there are professionals who will prepare handwritten or painted trees.


The reports on this site are about my own family because all work for clients is confidential unless they give me permission to use it. However I uncover for many of my clients stories about their families and previously unknown ancestors as interesting, if not more so than my own family.

My message is that Family History Research is far more than a list of names and dates. All families are interesting and one of my aims is to introduce my clients to their ancestors and other family members as real people, placed in their historical context.


On the page Some Frequently Asked Questions there's a link at the bottom to a paper explaining about the records used to build the basic family report and tree, a very necessary preliminary when reseraching a family. The document's a bit dry, which is why it's where it is, but its important that my clients understand the limitations and nature of these records. In fact the birth marriage and death records of England and Wales are some of the most uninformative of that type of document in the world in terms of family information provided. Howeveer they can, on occasions be illuminating.






I hope you enjoy my site but please note that the site and everything on it, unless specifically stated, including reports and photographs, is the property and copyright of me

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The site explains the family and other research services of

Trace Your Ancestry. 

It also tells a little about me and my background. 


You may have wondered what your family was like, what the people in it, your ancestors did for a living. What were their names? Were they rich, poor or something in between? Where did they live? Did they get into trouble with the law? 


I can help you find out about some of these things. Most people have acestors with stories to tell as interesting as those on these pages.

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