Most of the work I do will result in a report. That might be a report on conventional family history research or a report on my findings when conducting research in an archive or other repository.


My initial reports are sent electronically in the form of a PDF. Many clients are happy with this particularly if they have their own storage system and have just asked me to help because they're stuck, or  they can't visit an archive where records are held.


For family research many think in terms of a pedigree or family tree that they can hang on the wall or keep rolled up to produce to friends or other members of the family. Trees come in all shapes and sizes and there's a tree for every situation. If you would like a tree other than those in the report you receive then please ask about the options.


However please note in carrying out family history research my aim is to help you get to know your family so that there will always be a written report, detailing the work carried out, the sources used and what else might be possible. That research is a very necessary part of building a tree so that I will never agree to simply build and produce a family tree without a report.


There's a link to a PDF pedigree below, the descendants of my own great grandparents.(Sadly there's only me left). It's not a very big tree but to print it so it could be read would require a long piece of paper. A tree containing most people's ancestors would be far bigger if it were to be easily read which is why most need to be professionally printed unless they only have two or three generations. 

Quite a small pedigree
Descendants of James Bowler and Hannah C[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [101.1 KB]

Other Options for Family Research


Of course it is possible to have your report professionally bound, but family history is never finished and further research might mean that very soon your beautiful book is out of date. 


One option is a spring back binder, like that containing the Wibberley Family History shown on the left.


Please note that we would not recommend that you embark on a family history without having commissioned a starter package, the cost of which would be deducted from the price of the family history.


Further we would decline to carry out a family history as a surprise gift! The reason is that the donee will undoubtedly have information which might be included in the history. We appreciate that research is a suitable gift for a special occassion and the best solution often is to include the donnee in the plans for the gift. This can mean that work carried out to find facts which the recipient would know if asked can be re-directed to finding out new facts, or finding out more about a particular ancestor.


We can produce a letter or card to hand to the gift recipient if required.


The binders come in various colours, sizes and finishes with portrait or landscape options. Binders are priced from £20.00 (plain cover). These hold 150 sheets of paper comfortably (larger version available with higher capacity) added to the research costs plus a charge for printing depending on number of pages and paper quality. For example the printing costs for a document of 100 pages on doubles sided 120 gsm paper would be around £7.00


Other options for presentation include


  • A spiral bound document single or double sided with a front cver in card or acetate .
  • Ring binders
  • Hardback books on A4 or A5 paper
  • Paperback books on A4 or A5 paper


I would be pleased to discuss any presentation options and your own ideas.





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You may have wondered what your family was like, what the people in it, your ancestors did for a living. What were their names? Were they rich, poor or something in between? Where did they live? Did they get into trouble with the law? 


I can help you find out about some of these things. Most people have acestors with stories to tell as interesting as those on these pages.

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