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Not only can I help you find out more about your granny, or possibly even her granny and beyond but I offer a range of other services connected with genealogical research set ot below.


Family History can be sad or happy or funny or a mixture of all those as at the end of the day it's about people. Whatever I find for you it will be rewarding and interesting.

For individuals and Family Groups


You may know nothing, or very little about your ancestors but would like to get to know about them. I can research your family tree with a view to identifying your ancestors and the basic facts about their lives through the medium of my fixed price package described in the Research Pages


Alternatively you may know quite a lot about your forebears, woud like to know more but aren't sure where to look; someone in theinitial research  may merit further attention; you may have hit a brick wall in your own research and need a helping hand to get over it; you may want a full and comprehensive family history preparing or a family mystery solved. I can offer help with any of these.


Perhaps you've found that the relative you always thought was born in London came from Lancashire, or moved from the place they were born to Lancashire, Cheshire or West Yorkshire and there are records about them there or even a family grave or home. I can help locate the records, consult them and provide a report, take photographs, interview family members and undertake other work to help you further your own research.


I offer a free half hour's initial consultation 


without obligation on either side, which may be by telephone, in person within a reasonable travelling distance, a chat on Facebook, or other available and appropriate media.


For Groups


You may prefer to do your own family research, but don't know where to start. Are you in a group of friends or colleagues who are in the same position in the area of Lancashire or Greater Manchester? If so you might like to consider having one or more group tutorial sessions to get you started. Please Contact Me  me for further details.


For Other Professionals


I offer a research service in archives throughout Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester. I can also offer services in the same geographical area relating to:-

  • Monumental Inscriptions
  • The taking of photographs
  • Interviewing Relatives




I will consider any project or piece of work having geanealogy or family research as its basis though do reserve the right to decline any piece of work without giving a reason. I do not carry out work connected with speculative legal claims though would consider work involving the tracing of missing beneficiaries or the tracing of family lines for inheritance purposes.


To see sample reports and articles please go to What You Can Expect From Me

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The site explains the family and other research services of

Trace Your Ancestry. 

It also tells a little about me and my background. 


You may have wondered what your family was like, what the people in it, your ancestors did for a living. What were their names? Were they rich, poor or something in between? Where did they live? Did they get into trouble with the law? 


I can help you find out about some of these things. Most people have acestors with stories to tell as interesting as those on these pages.

For details please go to the

Research Pages

of this site. 

Contact Me for half an hour's free without obligation, consultation.  


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Christine Wibberley LL.B. (Hons)


Solicitor (non practising) 

 Member of AGRA 

Mobile. 07896 611773

(Closed at weekends)

Office hours and availability vary

The office is not available for clients to call in person.




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